Just Nature Doing its Thing

Last week I noticed  apeony1nts crawling all over the yet-to-bloom mystery flowers growing along-side the garage. I thought that the ants were going to destroy the buds, so I sprayed the plants with an insectaside.  

Early this week my colleague brought in a small bouquet of beautiful flowers that she picked from her yard. She mentioned that ants were attracted to her flowers, which were peonies. I described my mystery flowers to her and solved peon2part of the mystery. 

According to the Heartland Peony Society, it is believed that ants are attracted to the nectar produced by peonies,  and ants actually help to open the flower buds…so it turns out that ants are part of the plan!

Thankfully the ants returned, and my peonies are blooming…albeit a bit late

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