Hurt for Those Who Hurt You

IMG_3297I think it is safe to say that most people have encountered bullies in life.  I have. When I think about these people, I feel anger.

But anger is a secondary emotion. What I really feel is disappointment. I feel disappointed in bullies. I feel disappointed in those who provide an audience for the bullies…But most of all, I feel disappointed in myself, because when I give these things a place in my life- darkness wins.

What I have realized is that bullies carry heavy burdens. Bullies spew their hurts onto others in ugly, destructive ways.  It hurts to be on the receiving end of this destruction.  But here is the thing…the ugliness and destruction that bullies spill onto others is only a fraction of the pain and hurt that they carry inside. Hurt people hurt people.

What if we learned to hurt for those who hurt us? I think that this would be transformational…beautifully transformational.

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