Strong, Shiny Nails for Weeks


IMG_2820 Top: My Sensationail LED lamp. LED lamps do not damage your skin like UV lamps. Below: This is the NaiLuv base/top coat I found on Amazon. This is a versatile product as it can be cured with both UV and LED lamps.

When the fad for UV/LED curable gel nails hit the market, I started a mission find out how I could achieve the same results as home. My “at home” setup consisted of a SensatioNail® starter kit (that included a LED curing lamp) and few NaiLuv polish colors, and NaiLuv base/top coat that I purchased on Amazon. I really liked the results and the strength and protection that the gel provided to my nails, however, I got tired at having the same color on my nails for weeks. Thus was born my brilliant idea…

Apply the gel base/topcoat, cure it, and then stop short of adding a color polish.

Why is this such a great nail trick?

-The gel coat gives you super shiny, strong nails. The shine does NOT dull like a typical clear polish.

-The gel coat fills in any nail ridges and creates a smooth nail surface.

-You can trim and shape your nails without harming the clear coat.

-You can apply a regular color nail polish over the clear gel coat , remove the color polish using non-acetone nail polish remover, and you will NOT disturb the clear gel coat base. The clear gel coat also eliminates the need for applying a base coat.

-The clear gel base coat will grow-out with your nails, but the grow-out will not be obvious as the coat is clear. You can also remove the gel base coat at anytime. I will show you how to do this in a different post.

-This technique provides me with up to 5 weeks of amazingly strong, shiny nails that I can shape, trim and upkeep with minimal effort.

Nail thumbnail view

The NaiLuv base/top coat was applied and cured with my LED light on the nails in the picture. The shininess you see in the picture lasts for weeks.


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